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Full list of bot commands,

Instant message control plug-in commands (imcontrol.dll/ - CSLLCIMC

/pause - pause the bot (the bot disconnects from the room, but the bot is still online)
/resume - resume the bot (connects to the last room)
/shutdown - shut down the bot
/imrefresh - reload the instant message control configuration file
/help - show help
/addowner - add a user to the owners list
/delowner - remove an owner from the owners list
/owners - show the bot owners list
/postmsg - post a message to the chat
/kickuser - kick a user from the chat room
/punishuser - punish a user in the chat room
/unpunishuser - unpunish a user
/modules – list of currently active modules

Trivia plug-in commands (trivia.dll/ - CSLLCTRV,

/trvplay – turn the Trivia game on/off
/trvstart – start a Trivia game
/trvstop - stop a Trivia game
/trvclear - clear the records
/trvrefresh - reload the trivia configuration file

Messenger plug-in commands (messenger.dll/ - CSLLCMGR

/msgrtime - set the interval of message posting
/msgrclear - clear the message list
/msgradd - add a message to the message list
/msgrdisable - disable the messenger plug-in
/msgrrefresh - reload the messenger configuration file

Bad words kicker plug-in commands (badwords.dll/ - CSLLCBWD,

/bexpr - turn the bad expressions catcher on/off
/bekick - select to kick for bad expressions
/bepunish - select to punish for bad expressions
/bereason - set the reason for kicking/punishment
/becount - set the forbidden words counter
/bewords – select the regular expressions/words mode
/beclear - clear the bad expressions list
/beadd - add an expression to the rule list
/berefresh - reload the bad words module configuration file

WhoBanned plugin commands (whobanned.dll/ - CSLLCWBN,
/whobanned - check who banned the given user
/whounbanned – check who unbanned the given user
/whokicked - check who kicked the given user
/whopunished - check who punished the given user
/whounpunished - check who unpunished the given user
/whooped - check who oped nickname
/whodeoped - check who deoped nickname

HTMLLog plugin commands (htmllog.dll/ - CSLLCHTM,

/hlogdisable - disable the html log plug-in
/hlogrefresh - reload the html log module configuration file

RSS reader plugin commands (rssreader.dll/ - CSLLCRSS,

/rsstimerfeed – change the feed update time interval
/rsstimerpublish – change the news publishing time interval
/rssrefresh – reload the rssreader configuration file

8 Ball plugin commands (8ball.dll/ – CSLLC8BL,

/8disable - disable the 8 Ball plugin
/8name - change the 8 Ball name
/8refresh - reload the plugin configuration

Greeter plugin commands (greeter.dll/ - CSLLCGRT,

/grtdisable - disable the Greeter plugin
/grtnoroles - disable roles checking
/grtnosexup - disable sex checking

Math Trivia plugin commands (math_trivia.dll/ - CSLLCMTR,

/mtrplay - turn the Math Trivia game on/off
/mtrstart - start a Math Trivia game
/mtrstop - stop a Math Trivia game
/mtrclear - clear the records
/mtrrefresh - reload the Math Trvia configuration file

Word Trivia plugin commands (word_trivia.dll/ - CSLLCWTR,

/wtrplay - turn the Word Trivia game on/off
/wtrstart - start a Word Trivia game
/wtrstop - stop a Word Trivia game
/wtrclear - clear the records
/wtrrefresh - reload the Word Trvia configuration file

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